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haaay KITTY.

July 2008

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Jul. 29th, 2008

wooow, ha, so.

my summer has been boraaang as hell. :) august is going to be bomb, and i'll make sure of that. i'm going to miami august 11th. i'm staying at trump international beach resort. and it's like, on the beach. tan, here i come ! <3 and a shitload of photos, hell yeah. i'm not going to disney, 'cause it's like 3 and a half hours away from palm beach/sunny isles, but awkwardly, i'm not that interested in it. maybe i'm just retarded, ahha. i enjoy laying on the beach all day, likeee a bum, and running down the tide-line. :) 

you know where i want to live? tampa, florida. texas. california. or australia. i'm a suckaa for warm weather. it makes me feel all nice and smooth inside. haha. the "jersey shore"/lbi is not exactly my fantasy. like, i know so many people who love the jersaay shore, but like, why settle for it, when you can be looking at like, clear water !? that's something i want to accomplish in my life, swim in a beach with extremely clear water. like, the bahamas or the phillipines. i hate swimming in filth, and that's exactly why i lay around the whole time. seaweed? jellyfishes? i'll pass. i'm too traumatized from summer 2006, when i was surrounded by practically like, 7 jellyfishes at once. i didn't get stung or anything though. oh, i need to get some new bathing suits. 

hm, i really want to go to luna park. my mom was talking about it, and she was telling me about it. i believe it's like, coney island amusement park now? well, anyways, i wanna go. muahaha. ew, and i need to figure out when i'm going to six flags. probably the 10th, or the 19th. i really wanted to go on the 21st, to see the maine. daaayum. but i can't, because my dad is working then. 

omg, and starting august, i'm not staying home most of the weeek. because i've had enough of that. oh yeah, and cheerleading starts. i always do this, i join, i'm like, "wtf did i join this." and have somewhat of a horrible time at first, but then a good time after the cheer is learned, and then feel happy for joining. yuuup. well, there is a lot of people that are chill there this year. :D<3 ! so i'm happy. 

i need to get a haircut, but not lengthwise, because my hair is going to be long by september, and i want it that way. i need to redo my layers, because i feel them growing out, and make my bangs sweep more. after it's like 1.5 inches past my boob, i'm going to keep it that way. i look horrible with short hair, since i have a round face, and i just look like a bloated guinea pig. haha, at least i have a high esteem. [: !
also, i want to go shopping, just because. ahaha. before florida, in florida, and after florida. :)! haay, i can't help that i want to look pimp.

what else. i want to read 10 books before school starts. yeah, geeky, but it was on my summer list. i doubt i'll actually do that, because i'm so lazy. get a hello kitty, finish cleaning up my itunes, substitute curse words with food items, etc. :) ! oh, and go to a concert. haha, yeah right. i wish i could watch legally blonde: the musical. i already watched it on mtv, pre-recorded, but it's not enough. i want to hear bailey hank's voice throttle through the aisles. plus, i said, the first episode i watched, that she'd win. haha, so i deserve to watch it.

woooow, this is long. i love blogging/writing entries.

Jul. 25th, 2008

haha, okay.

so, i don't have anything to apologize for because well, it's not like you care if i post or not. :)

but i felt baaad, so i posted at 2:19 in the morning, what a lovely girl i am. i care so much. i'm so bored that i'm watching "date my mom" on MTV. i'm going to sleep as soon as i finish this entry, promise. alright so, today i figured out that yoshi has a helio ocean, that bitch. haha, but he's cool. my sister invited me outside to go talk to some people, but i'm scared and a goodie two shoes, so i only went out for 5 minutes and came back in. guess what !? i'm finally getting a full length mirror and a new drawer in my room. my room will look pimp. [:

mmkay, so sorry this was short. but i'm incredibly tired. okay, goodnight !

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